Bananya - Theme Song Performance (ED) - Discotek Media


ADR/Animation/Live Action Dubbing (selected):

Overlord III (ADR) - Arche Eeb Rile Furt - FUNimation Entertainment

Fire Force (ADR) - Nataku Son - FUNimation Entertainment

Kemono Friends - Alpaca Suri - Sound Cadence Studios

Pororo: Snow Fairy Adventure (ADR) - Arty the Snow Fairy - Everest Productions

Welcome to Showside (Animation/Pilot) - Belle - Modern Prometheus Productions

Hells/Hells Angels (ADR/Film) - Luca - Sound Cadence Studios

Ladies vs Butlers! (ADR) - Magical Girl Kaede, Additional voices - Media Blasters

Holy Knight (OVA/ADR) - Maid, Additional Voices - Media Blasters

Yu-Gi-OH! Arc – V (ADR) - Additional Voices - 4K Media Inc.

Black Clover - Additional Voices - FUNimation Entertainment

Fairy Tail: Final Season - Additional Voices - FUNimation Entertainment

Benefactors (Animation) - Additional Voices - Meridian Gray


Video Games (selected):

Yokai Kitchen - Scarlet Rosefinch, Naomi Sunbird - FriendTimes

Remember When (Visual Narrative/PC) - Maria - Arrow Games

Aura Kingdom (PC) - Michaela, Undine, Merrilee, Cesela, Endora - Aeria Games/X-Legend

Heroes Clash of Kings (Mobile) - Maeve, Inanna [Story voice] - ELEX Wireless

Runewards: Interactive Strategy Card Game - Prophetess, Princess of the Forest, Firemancer - Reaver Games Ltd.

Hooked on Phonics: Smart Cart - Astronaut Jack, Kim, Peg Leg Meg , Yelly Kelly - Big Yellow Taxi, Inc.

Heroes Charge (Mobile) - Ocean Princess Doris - uCool Inc.

Imre's Curse: The Prologue (PC) - Imre - LegendEx Games

Enderal: The Shards of Order (PC) - Sila Foxhand - SureAI

A Tale Of Two Kingdoms (PC) - Pooka - Crystal Shard

Ancestory (PC) - Minttu - Kajak Games

Haunsters (PC) - Thrash Siren, Doll Face - Shark Tree Studios

The Nameless Mod (PC) - Krissy - Off Topic Productions

Mon-Cuties For All! (PC) - Tanuki - Reine Works

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War (PC) - Soldier - Michaela Laws

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs (PC) - Additional Voices - Klabater/Pixelated Milk

Norse Noir: Loki's Exile, Chapter I (PC) - Additional Voices - Kreative Spill



Regional Youmacon X Ad - Announcer - Adult Swim/Defying Conventions

The Fight Nerd Sizzle Reel - Announcer - Fight Nerd/Matt Kaplowitz



Stage - Play Group Theater, Daniel Pitt, Sheila Evans

Voice - Shelly Shenoy, Sunday Muse, Paul Liberti, Danielle Pretsfelder, Crispin Freeman, Tony Oliver, Bryan Massey

Skills - ADR/Looping, Improvisation, Singing [Mezzo Soprano Range]